There are many styles of Christian music. Everything from “Inspirational” to “Contemporary”, Country, or Rock. I’m not about to attempt to define all of those, but I do want to lay out how I define “Gospel” music.

Simply stated I feel Gospel music is always rooted in scripture. It’s influence comes from a specific verse or verses. That is one of the main reasons I love Gospel music. It is extra powerful and meaningful because of this.

I have felt compelled to create this page to give honor to what I believe are the most inspirational and talented gospel songwriters of all time. I believe this list includes those that have made the greatest impact on this world and in giving glory to God. The rationale I used in selecting these is this:

1. That they wrote both the words and the music to songs that arguably had the most impact
2. That the lyrics are unique, superior in artistic expression, and of deep spiritual content
3. Their music is also unique, perhaps cutting-edge, and can stand alone as a masterful work of art
4. That the songwriter had a substantial body of work that fit the above criteria

Except for the first songwriter on my list, I am not going to attempt to rank these incredible people against each other – I think that would be impossible to do!

King David

Fanny Crosby

Andrae Crouch

1942 – 2015

Bill & Gloria Gaither

Walter Hawkins

Dottie Rambo

1934 – 2008


Isaac Watts

Edwin Hawkins

Carl Hamblen

Lanny Wolfe

Early 30's

Marvin Winans

Bobby Jones