The Works of Walter Hawkins


It is difficult to sum up a person of such talent, heart, and accomplishment as Walter Hawkins. He was a true one-of-a-kind, and there will never be another.


Walter Lee Hawkins was born in 1949 in Oakland, CA. He came from a family full of musical talent. His older brother, Edwin, directed choirs and formed the Northern California State Youth Choir, which in 1968 performed the huge hit recording “Oh Happy Day”. This helped them both launch their musical careers.

Walter was a gifted pianist, and many of his musical compositions are true masterpieces. He was also a prolific songwriter who created lyrics that spoke so deep from the heart that they are breathtaking! Practically every song Walter Hawkins ever published is forever memorable.


Walter was also a phenomenal singer; in fact, his was perhaps the greatest voice gospel music has ever had. There is no other voice like his, and few others have such a huge vocal range as his.

He was also Bishop Walter Hawkins. In the early 1970s Walter felt God calling him to start a church. He pastored at The Love Center in Oakland until his death in 2010.

Walter was nominated for 9 Grammy Awards, winning it for Best Gospel Performance in 1981. He also won 3 Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association, and 2 Stellar Awards in 2006.

Below are the recordings for which Walter wrote songs, with the name of the songs he wrote.

660F27C8-519A-4E0E-9A2B-118198A667F6-4486-00000848488E4649 Walter recorded his first solo recording “Do Your Best” in 1972.
1. It Pays
2. Train
3. How Long?
4 .Searchin
5. Stop The Rain
6. Where Will You Run
7. Do Your Best
8. What Then?
9. Will You Be There?

lovealive-small Love Alive (1975)
10. Changed  *in an interview Walter stated that he thought this was the first song that he wrote
11. Follow Me
12. I Won’t Be Satisfied
13. Dear Jesus I Love You
14. My God Is Standing By
15. I’m Not The Same
16. I’m Goin’ Up Yonder

C9423491-524E-4967-940F-E6A6627CD418-4660-000008A901C4B600  Tramaine (1976)
17. Look At Me
18. Lord, I Try
19. I’ll Be With Him
20. Call Me
21. Holy One *Re-recored on her album “Tramaine Hawkins Live” in 1980
22. When You Pray
23. Will You Be There?
24. Waymaker
25. Greatest Lover
26. Giving and Living ( w/Jonathan DuBose)
27. Rescue Me
28. Trust And Obey
29. Set Me Free
30. Can’t Find The Words
31. I’m Determined
32. Hear My Word
33. I Need You  **Tramaine re-recorded this song for her album “I Never Lost My Praise” in 2007

A4825FB6-6738-4857-89FD-DD5649CC6723 Walter Hawkins and the Family: Jesus Christ is the Way 1977
34. God Has Signed My Name
35. He Brought Me
36. Lord, Give Us Time
37. I’m Going Through
38. Strange
39. You’re Everything To Me  **Tramaine Hawkins re-recorded this on her album “I Never Lost My Praise” in 2007
40. Jesus Christ Is The Way
41. Some Day We’ll Meet Again

Love Alive II 1978
42. Come By Here, Good Lord *arranged by Edwin Hawkins
43. He’s That Kind Of Friend
44. Never Alone
45. Until I Found The Lord *arranged by Edwin Hawkins
46. Be Grateful
47. I’m Goin’ Away
48. God Will Open Doors
49. Right On

50. Goin’ To A Place (The Hawkins Family) 1980
51. Love Is God (The Hawkins Family) 1980
52. What Is This? (The Hawkins Family) 1980 *Arranged by Edwin Hawkins
53. I’m A Pilgrim (The Hawkins Family) 1980
54. He’ll Be There (When You Need Him) (The Hawkins Family) 1980
55. Eternal Life (The Hawkins Family) 1980
56. Keep On Fighting (The Hawkins Family) 1980
57. Try Christ (The Hawkins Family) 1980
58. Highway (“Tramaine Hawkins Live”) 1980
59. Coming Home (“Tramaine Hawkins Live”) 1982

60. Wait On The Lord (Love Alive III) 1984
61. Jesus Is My Friend (Love Alive III) 1984
62. When The Battle Is Over (Love Alive III) 1984
63. He’ll Bring You Out (Love ALive III) 1984
64. He Is Lord (Love ALive III) 1984
65. I Love You, Lord (Love Alive III) 1984 *w/Edwin Hawkins
66. There’s A War Going On (Love Alive III) 1984
67. Is There Any Way? (Love Alive III) 1984
68. Stand Still and Know (“Tramaine Hawkins Live”) 1985
69. Coming Home (Tramaine Hawkins “Tramaine Treasury”) 1986
70. Special Gift (“A Special Gift”) 1988

71. Jesus Is Waiting (Love Alive IV) 1990
72. Full & Complete (Love Alive IV) 1990
73. Come To Jesus (Love Alive IV) 1990
74. The Just Shall Live By Faith (Love Alive IV) 1990
75. Thank You (Love Alive IV) 1990
76. I Must Go On (Shirley Miller)
77. On And On (“Still Tramaine”) 1994

78. So We Learn (Hawkins Family “New Dawning”) 1995
79. Lord You Said It (Hawkins Family “New Dawning”) 1995 *w/Carl Wheeler
80. Come Live With Me (Hawkins Family “New Dawning”) 1995
81. Keeps Making A Way (Hawkins Family “New Dawning”) 1995
82. Daylights Breaking (Hawkins Family “New Dawning”) 1995
83. He Does All Things Well (Hawkins Family “New Dawning”) 1995

84. I’m So Thankful (Love Alive V) 1997
85. Marvelous (Love Alive V) 1997
86. Just In The Nick Of Time (Love Alive V) 1997
87. It’s Right and Good (Love Alive V) 1997
88. Jesus Made A Way (Love Alive V) 1997
89. Joy (Love Alive V) 1997
90. My Gratitude (Love Alive V) 1997
91. More (Love Alive V) 1997
92. I’ll See You Again (“Still Tramaine”) 2001
93. It’s Your Power (“Still Tramaine”) 2001
94. I’ll Wear A Crown (“Still Tramaine”) 2001
95. Simple Song (“Still Tramaine”) 2001
96. Over There (“Still Tramaine”) 2001
97. By His Strength (“Still Tramaine”) 2001 *w/Corey Williams

98. A Song In My Heart (“A Song In My Heart”) 2004
99. A Prayer Away (“A Song In My Heart”) 2004
100. Ever Loving Father (“A Song In My Heart”) 2004
101. We Sing Praises (“A Song In My Heart”) 2004 *co-written with Jamie Hawkins (his son)
102. Faithfully (“A Song In My Heart”) 2004
103. Give It To Jesus (“A Song In My Heart”) 2004 *co-written with Jamie Hawkins
104. Wanna Say Thank You Lord (“A Song In My Heart”) 2004 *co-written with Jamie Hawkins
105. Almighty God (“A Song In My Heart”) 2004
106. Agree (“A Song In My Heart”) 2004 *co-written with Marcus Harper
107. All I Know (“A Song In My Heart”) 2004

Watch this awesome video of Walter singing “When The Battle is Over” circa 1989. Note his brother, Edwin Hawkins, is directing the choir…

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