My Shepherd

My Shepherd

Words by the King David
Composition by Kevin Bond
Performed by the Edwin Hawkins Music and Arts Mass Choir 1990


The Lord is my shepherd
And I shall not want
He makes me lie down in green pastures
And He leadeth me on
He restoreth my soul, He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness
For His names sake
For He is my God

Yea thou I walk through
The valley of the shadows of death
I will fear no evil
For thou are my Lord
His goodness and His mercy shall follow me all the days of my life
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord

And surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
Goodness and mercy shall follow me
Goodness and mercy shall follow me
All the days of my life!

Kevin Bond

Jesus On the Inside

Jesus On the Inside

By Carol Cymbala

Jesus on the inside
Working on the outside
Oh what a change in my life
Jesus on the inside
Working on the outside
Oh what a change in my life
Jesus on the inside
Working on the outside
Oh what a change in my life
Oh what a change in my life!

Carol Cymbala

Safe In You

Safe In You

By Marvin Sapp


No matter what happens, I will praise you
No matter what they say, I will obey
No matter what it looks like,
I will trust you
You bring me out and make a way


You give the power to win
You’ve done it before and you’ll do it again
I won’t be moved by what i can see
In you there is no failure, but victory.

Marvin Sapp

I’ve Never Seen It

I’ve Never Seen It

By Donald Lawrence

I was young, and now I’m old
Seen a lot of situations unfold
Been a lot of places
Met all kinds,
But there’s one thing that stays on my mind:
Out of all the things I’ve done,
all the places I’ve gone,
and the things I’ve seen

Said I never, seen the righteous forsaken (3x)
nor His seed begging for bread!

You don’t have to worry ’bout a thing
If you’re holy and righteous

Donald Lawrence

So We Learn

So We Learn

By Walter Hawkins

Verse 1
We learn from our mistakes
Each one a little more grace
And our faults we must face
And deal with the consequences of our actions
But somehow God makes the road we take
Work out for our good

He’s a specialist in taking worthlessness
And building character while we blunder
And as he shows us a little more of ourselves
We cry out for more of His help
And He bestows us a little more grace
And so we learn.

Line upon line, precept upon precept
We live and we learn and we grow and become
Through His plan we shall stand
Stripped of the old man
Soon we’ll be just like Him

Just like Him!


He’s Still Working On Me

March 2017 Gospel Lyrics

This beautiful, yet simple song was written by Joel Hemphill in 1980. It is often considered a “children’s song” because of the simplicity of the message; however that message is powerful to it’s core.


He’s still working on me
To make me what I ought to be
It took Him just a week to make the moon and the stars
The sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars
How loving and patient He must be
He’s still working on me

A Brand New Touch

“A Brand New Touch” by Lanny Wolfe



Lord, You know I need a brand new touch
My strength from yesterday is gone;
But if You’ll give me Lord another touch,
I’ll have the strength to carry on


I thought the sun had come to stay,
but all to soon it went away;
And in it’s place the storm clouds came
and with the clouds there came the rain.

It rained so hard and oh so long
but midst the storm I felt alone;
It was Your touch that brought me through it all.
Without Your help I’d surely fall.


Lord, You know how weak I really am,
even better than myself.
But with Your help I know I really can
Make it through the darkest night…
Everything’s ‘gonna be alright.

What Is This?

“What is This?”  A classic by brothers Edwin and Walter Hawkins

What is this
That I feel deep inside
And it keeps setting my soul on fire
Whatever it is it won’t let me hold my peace

What is this
Makes folk say I’m acting strange
What is this
Makes me wanna run on in Jesus’ name
Whatever it is it won’t let me hold my peace

It makes me love all my enemies
And it makes me love my friends
And it won’t let me be ashamed
To tell the world I’ve been born again

What is this
Makes me do right when I would do wrong
What is this
When I’m down low He gives me a song
Whatever it is
It won’t let me hold my peace

Whatever it is
This feeling I have
Whatever it is
Deep down inside of me
Whatever it is
It won’t let me hold my peace

What is This?