So We Learn

So We Learn

By Walter Hawkins

Verse 1
We learn from our mistakes
Each one a little more grace
And our faults we must face
And deal with the consequences of our actions
But somehow God makes the road we take
Work out for our good

He’s a specialist in taking worthlessness
And building character while we blunder
And as he shows us a little more of ourselves
We cry out for more of His help
And He bestows us a little more grace
And so we learn.

Line upon line, precept upon precept
We live and we learn and we grow and become
Through His plan we shall stand
Stripped of the old man
Soon we’ll be just like Him

Just like Him!


Top Twenty Gospel Songs

This is for all you Gospel music enthusiasts. We all have our favorites. Probably not one of us would choose exactly the same titles for each of our top 20 lists

But these are my favorites; and it was really difficult choosing only 20! These are the songs that have spoken the loudest and strongest to me though my life. Some of them are older, heard them when I was a kid. Others are more recent.

I tried to select the ones that didn’t just make me tap my feet, or have fantastic vocals and harmony. These 20 indeed have all that along with great musical composition; but out of all of the thousands of songs to choose from I wanted these to be the ones that carry great weight and importance, a message of the gospel.

This is NOT a list of what I think is the greatest gospel songs if all time; it is merely MY favorites.

So while this list may or may not contain your known favorites, I dare you to try these out if you haven’t already. You might just have to include a new one or two in your top 20 list!

1. Jesus, I Love You (Edwin Hawkins) (and this one might also be the greatest gospel song of all time!)
2. Next To Me (Marvin Winans)
3. If Heaven Never Was Promised To Me (Andrae Crouch)
4. Goodness, Mercy, & Grace (Marvin Winans)
5. Goin Up Yonder (Walter Hawkins)
6. I Love You Lord (Walter Hawkins)
7. In That Land (J. Michael Drake)
8. I Won’t Doubt Your Love (Edwin Hawkins)
9. Just Like He Said He Would (Andrae Crouch)
10. Center of My Joy (Richard Smallwood)
11. Trust Him (David Foote)
12. There’s Something About That Name (Bill & Gloria Gaither)
13. Precious Jesus (Thomas Whitfield)
14. I Need You (Edwin Hawkins)
15. I’ve Got a Feeling (Alvin Darling)
16. God Will Take Care of You (Edwin Hawkins)
17. What Child is This (Thomas Whitfield)
18. Spirit (Willie Small, as sang by Daryl Coley)
19. My Best (Walter Hawkins)
20. He’ll Never Let You Down (Steve Roberts, as sang by Daryl Coley)

Ok…I couldn’t resist…

21. The Blood Will Never Lose It’s Power (Andrae Crouch)